Monday, December 31, 2012

Washington National Cathedral

Originally, this popular tourist attraction was only known simply as the Cathedral Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, a dedication to these saintly individuals who dedicated their lives to spreading the love for their religion. Now, it is simply fondly known and called the Washington National Cathedral. Since the cathedral is the sixth largest cathedral in the world and the 2nd largest in the United States alone, we assure you that the very moment you get off the rented charter bus, party bus, coach charter, mini bus or school bus, you will spend a jaw-drop moment simply staring at the amazing structure. Or you will be busy snapping pictures of it.
It is ranked extremely highly as a foreign tourist magnet and in 2009 alone, it was reported that there was nearly four hundred thousand people who toured the structure and it enjoys one thousand seven hundred thousand in attendance during Sunday service. Back then, the figure means that it is the most highly visited domestic Episcopal church for that year.
Although most do not know this but the Washington DC National Cathedral is known, also, as the National House of Prayer. However, please take note that the structure does not merely open for tours and Sunday service, many other different types of events have been held there before, related and unrelated to religion, for example the Funeral for Pamela Harriman, US Ambassador to France; Funeral for Secretary of Commerce, Robert Brown; and also Special gathering for the victims of Virginia Tech Massacre.
The National House of Prayer was damaged during the 2011 Virginia earthquake, mainly to the exterior of the building. Investigations showed that the earthquake did less damage to the insides of the massive church with some loose mortar joints and shaken some stone vaults inside.
After closing the building off from August 22, 2011 to November 7, 2011 and having pumped millions into restoring what the earthquake did, the tourist attractions is now deemed strong enough and safe for visits.

Friday, December 28, 2012

The Washington Monument – A Hot Tourist Attraction

Visiting the cardinal Washington Monument, one of the most important and historically-important tourist attractions is a must for anyone, even if you are trying to avoid doing the whole tourist-y stunt during your visit here in a party bus, charter bus or mini bus. The DC iconic monument was completed around 1884 and survived a civil war which lasted more than three decades during the country's formative years. If that is not a good reason to visit the monument, then we don't know what it. However, there is just picture-taking and a whole lot of touring of this Egyptian shaped obelisk. The best way to visit during peak season and days would be to use a party bus or a charter bus.
Standing more than five hundred feet in height, this attraction used to be the tallest monument in the country and historians would pay special attention to maintaining it and authorities allocated significant funding to conserve it over the years. At this point in time, it remains to be the tallest man-made structure in Washington DC and it attractions more than eight hundred thousand tourists and locals alike every single year who throng the place in their tour bus, party bus, charter bus and school kids would pile out of their mini bus for a look any time there is a field trip.
Another fact that we ought to know about the Washington Monument is that it is linked, historically, to the freemasonry movement here in the United States.
The good thing about visiting the Washington Monument is completely free of charge...all you need to do is to get the tickets at the lodge from 8.30a.m onwards every day. Peak season would be any time from April to September and while it is easy to collect individual tickets for your visit, you would have to call to reserve your spot when heading over in a group, the same way you would book a party bus, tour bus or school bus...ahead of time. The monument is closed to the public only on two days every year...and that would be the fourth of July and for Christmas, it is then available and open to everyone other times of the year unless there was a specific scheduled maintenance.