Thursday, August 22, 2013

Washington DC’s Newseum

Washington DC, being the capital of the country, is never short of museums to explore. And recently, another one sprouted in the midst of the already dense city center...and this time, it is all about the news and technology - welcome to Washington DC’s Newseum.
In this two hundred and fifty thousand square feet premise, Washington DC charter bus rental visitors will get to learn about and explore centuries of how news got delivered to residents. From ancient old methods of delivering messages via animals to the fast paced technology-driven ways of pumping up the news and wire. Some of the exhibits are pretty hands on, so, it is absolutely suitable for kids. Toddlers, on the other hand, are going to need some entertainment and distractions.
Finding the Newseum should not be any trouble at all because it is located right along the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and Sixth Street. In fact, it makes sense to visit the Newseum when you are making pit stops at the U.S Capitol, the White House and he Smithsonian museum instead of heading over on different days. This is when making use of a reliable Washington DC charter bus service makes more sense than driving yourself to the destination. During peak season, parking can be a lot of trouble as there are limited space.
What some of our Washington DC charter bus rental customers found interesting was (yes, the exhibits were amazing and truly interesting) the exterior of the building which makes it stand out, even with the White House being its neighbor. It is considered an architectural marvel because, outside lies a seventy foot tall engraving of the First Amendment made out of marble. The museum promotes and reminds visitors and residents about the America’s freedom of free press in a very fun and entertaining way. The authorities have done a very good job in ensuring that the exhibits are engaging enough.
Let’s just say that the Newseum is huge and one can expect to spend a couple of hours exploring all the exhibits and displays. It contains more than seven levels including some some awesome galleries the theatres. At the end of your visit, be sure to stop by their visitors’ center to get more information about the Newseum and also get some souvenirs to bring back home to those who were not able to make it to your Washington DC charter bus rental visit this time round.
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