Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Washington DC

The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington DC is a place worthy to be visited by any Washington DC charter bus passengers – after all, he is the only President who has served the country for four terms, with his fourth term being cut short due to his death. The memorial was designed by a landscape architect, Mr Lawrence Halprin and it is a dedication in memory of the late President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the era he represented.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial is open for group tours, and usually such tours would arrive on the grounds in a Washington DC charter bus because parking space is quite limited and paid private parking lots are found downtown north of the National Mall, but you may have to walk a bit to get to the memorial, that is why it is better to rent a bus to take everyone there instead.
The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial was dedicated by former President Bill Clinton in 1997 and the memorial is built on a seven and half acre of land. Taking into consideration of the late President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s physical disability, the designers created the memorial to be of one that is also accessible to those with physical difficulties as well. Many people think that Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his wife, Eleanor are first cousins, but the fact is that they are indeed fifth cousins and both shared a common ancestor, Nicholas Roosevelt, who happened to be Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s FDR’s great-great-great-great-grandfather and Eleanor’s great-great-great-great-great-grandfather.
Many of the status at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial can be touched because they were made to be interactive displays in the memorial grounds, but we always advise our Washington DC bus visitors to the memorial to try to resist from climbing onto the statues or sitting on any of them – even if it is for snapping a photo. Do note that the memorial sculptures were made in commemoration of a well respected US President and the people he led during one of the difficult and testing times in the American history.
As you walk along the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial grounds, you will see huge blocks of rocks with words engraved on them that were quoted by the late President himself, such as the famous “I hate war” and the “Four Freedoms” in his State of the Union Address in January 6, 1941. Also found at the memorial is a small, man-made waterfall - and this is a perfect spot for you to take some photos before you leave the memorial to return home in your chartered bus.