Friday, April 6, 2018

The Best Majestic Mansions and Historic Homes of Washington D.C.

by Brian Gate
Apr 4, 2018 - Despite people quickly jumping to conclusions that the historic homes in Washington D.C. may be (more than a little) stuck-in-time, the homes are actually works-in-progress. Studies are still being run, discoveries being uncovered with new pictures, new documents, new letters and even evidence that may change what we thought was 'absolutely right' about the house. That’s the work of the various historical societies and museums. Stepping into a historic home, hence, may feel less like walking into a place that is stuck in time. Instead, it’s the latest and closest interpretation of what the house or era used to be like. Even when you’re in Georgetown, where most of D.C.’s historic sites are located, what you assume to be relic may seem like they have recently received a new coat of paint.

Preservation and restoration efforts on the homes and museums in Washington D.C. is particularly important for those who love history, art, and politics. It’s a gateway to a bygone time that helped shape the people of this country. The vast array of homes-turned-museums in Washington D.C. provides an intimate look into the former homes of iconic leaders like Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Clara Barton, Frederick Douglass and many more. Of course, one should not forget to make a charter bus trip to historic attractions like the National Mall, The White House, The Lindens and the Old Stone House. Most of the attractions are located in neighborhoods that are religiously preserved and have undergone little changes over the years except for imminent restorations, repairs, and additions of modern amenities like air-conditioning.  Because many of the homes were built before the Revolutionary War, taking a walk through them has a magnetic and spell-binding effect. 

1. The King Hooper Mansion a.k.a. The Lindens

8 Hooper St, Marblehead, MA 01945-3213
(781) 631-2608
Formerly built in Danvers, Massachusetts in 1754 by its first owner, Robert ‘King’ Hooper, the home was bought-over, taken down and then delivered piece-by-piece to the established, chic and elite neighborhood of Kalorama Heights in 1935. Since then, it’s made its way into the National Register of Historic Places.

The couple who later owned the property, George and Miriam Morris, ensured much of the original characteristics of the building remain untouched. It retains its historic features like the Hancock staircase and balustrades, beautiful prints of France lining up along the walls and its unique wood paneling. On top of running regular tours and housing art exhibitions, the mansion is also used by the Marblehead Arts Association as its headquarters and venue to host six galleries, art classes, and community events.

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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Foodie Adventures in Downtown Washington DC

The food-ventures that you can experience in downtown Washington DC is, literally, endless. Whether you’re wishing for a waterfront dining experience, would like to experience fine dining in a five-star hotel, or sample an exquisite, innovative culinary concept, it’s all right here in DC. ‘Chocolate City’, as it is sometimes fondly called, has seen a rush of incoming International-style diners in the past decade and some would argue that no other city within its vicinity has seen the same level of explosion. 

Here, you’ll find hip renaissance-style eateries, local pop-ups, unique coffee shops and creative cafes dotting the downtown dining scene. This says a lot about the growth the historic city’s experienced through the years. 

Below is a short list of favorite diners and restaurants located in various neighborhoods in D.C.

Georgetown - At The Intersection Of The Old And New

Boasting of a unique historic charm, Georgetown, one of Washington DC’s oldest neighborhoods, has a smattering of chic locations throughout. Upscale, modern bars along M Street, quaint cafes are strewn across Wisconsin Avenue, while celebrated diners with five-star ratings to their names have diverse menus of options for people of all ages. 
There are indoor and outdoor seatings overlooking the stunning Potomac River, Kennedy Center, Watergate and Key Bridge available at the Sequoia Restaurant, traditional American fares at the family-owned Nick’s Riverside Grille, and a delightful experience to be had at the award-winning, flagship restaurant of Founding Farmers. The restaurants have the ability to attract tens of thousands of regular locals and new tourists rain or shine. Some charm the socks off their patrons with delectable dishes, while others leave a lasting impression because of its authentic, family-friendly urban farmhouse feel. 
  • Sequoia Restaurant
    The Washington Harbour
    3000 K St NW, Washington, DC 20007
    (202) 944-4200
    Highlights: Sunday brunch buffet, wedding venue, and live jazz entertainment
  • Nick’s Riverside Grille
    3050 K St NW, Washington, DC 20007
    (202) 342-3535
    Highlights: relaxing atmosphere, authentic pasta dishes, fresh-out-of-the-water seafood and scrumptious steaks
  • Founding Farmers DC
    1924 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20006
    (202) 822-8783 
    Highlights: authentic recipes, farm-to-table feel, classic and chic atmosphere
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Rock Creek Park Horse Center

Who can say no to a lovely horseback ride in woodlands, enjoying nature in its full glory? If you would like to experience an adventure on a back of this regal animal, head over to Rock Creek Park, where you will find a horse center in the depths of the woods.
Located in Washington DC, Rock Creek Park Horse Center offers riding lessons, trail rides, pony rides, summer camps and other activities to charter bus visitors who want to experience an adventure on a horse.
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Friday, March 7, 2014

Sightseeing in Dupont Circle

As one of the trendiest neighborhood in Washington DC, Dupont Circle is home to many bars, cafes, night clubs, shops and art galleries. However, although there are many modern places that have now popped up all over the neighborhood, there are still many historic architecture for mini bus rental visitors to see while at Dupont Circle.
Some of the most impressive places for sightseeing, both modern and archaic are:
  • The Brewmaster’s Castle
  • The Phillips Collection
  • Woodrow Wilson House
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Monday, January 13, 2014

Getting the Best Views in Washington DC

When visiting Washington DC, you will notice that in downtown Washington there are no skyscrapers. Although this has caused a muted feel in the heart of the city, but because of the low height restrictions, you can get an awesome view over the city.
There are a few classic spots to get an awesome look out over the city without having to rent a helicopter. Here are some of the spots mini bus rental visitors can opt for.
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Monday, November 18, 2013

Tons of Activities To Be Done At Spokane’s Centennial Park

Need a break from hectic life? Why don't you enjoy the outdoors and head over to a park in Washington DC. There are tons of activities there to be enjoyed and you can always ask your charter bus to wait for you while you unwind.


If you are running or walking through the entire trail, you will find yourself instantly in love with the fact that right smack in the middle of the trail, there is a section that goes into downtown Spokane and Riverfront Park.

We think it is better for you to pick one or two of your favorite activities, be it biking, horseback riding or canoeing, and just concentrate on doing that. You can always come back for other activities another time."

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Washington DC Fine Dining at Komi

Experiencing good food in Washington DC is a no brainer for most because the central downtown area is practically saturated by all types of restaurants of every kind of kind. Name it, we have it Japanese, Mediteranean, Turkish, Korean, Italian, French, or local fanfare. Somehow, when you ask us to tell you which Greek restaurant is the best in the Washington DC metropolitan, we would be inclined to point you in the direction of Komi restaurant.
To say that eating out at Komi isn’t cheap is an understatement but you are paying for more than just the food and ambiance, you are paying for the surprise element too. Why? You basically walk into Komi and asked to be surprised because there is absolutely no menu to pick your food from and you will be given a multi-course dinner for (pricing at the moment) $135 per person. You start off with a series of simple appetizing dishes that helps prepare your palate for healthier and heartier dishes later on. The chefs will then end the surprise with amazingly creative desserts. If you are in the mood for some drinks, an additional $70 will get you some wine pairing, courtesy of the wine experts behind the restaurant.
Komi is strategically-located near Dupont Circle and Farragit North Metros if you are heading over using public transportation but if you are using our bus charter Washington DC bus rental services and packages, you will be brought to the destination in complete comfort and convenience. The restaurant is open from Tuesdays, Wednesdays from 5.30pm till 9.30pm and they close a little later on Fridays and Saturdays.
The atmosphere at this Washington DC restaurant is extremely classy, elegant and elite, therefore, we do not think it is suitable for large groups unless a prior booking or discussion was held with the owners and management of Komi.
Komi is no stranger to awards and accolades as they have gone on to win over critics and foodie writer in the past. The number of courses, sometimes coming up to more than fourteen courses in one single meal, are often a pleasant surprise to visitors and guests. The dishes may come in small portions but dining up to fourteen dishes, especially the heartier dishes towards the end, can be very filling even for healthy eaters.
We think if you are looking for an extremely romantic atmosphere or if you are looking to impress some VIPs, Komi is a good and safe choice. And while you are at it, please feel free to have a look around our bus charter Washington DC bus rental packages. We look forward to hearing from you real soon.