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Quick Facts About The Quirky Side of Washington D.C.

Being the Capital of the United States, D.C. has more monuments, museums, and memorials than any other state in the country. These are the things that made Washington D.C. world-famous. Renting a charter bus, however, is merely one of the many ways to visit all the awesome sites around town. You can hop on the Metro if time is not an issue, hop on a bike, double-decker bus, paddle your way around the gorgeous Potomac River, or even go on foot.

What you’ll notice is that there are quirky corners around town that never found their way into those tourist-friendly brochures. We’re talking about the simple things you might not notice if a local did not point them out. The sheer number of languages being spoken on the streets of D.C., the blinding number of restaurants to choose from, the funky marketplaces, the cafes for people-watching, the green spaces for a relaxing day-out and local breweries that lend an exciting layer of flavor to the trip. So, instead of poking around touristy hotspots, here are five fun facts about D.C. you might not have read about. 

1. A Walk Down Memory Lane

Aside from the monuments, statues, museums, and galleries, there’s The White House. This heritage site has been home to every single sitting U.S. President since the inauguration of John Adams in 1800. George Washington, however, never did live in the monumental home because it was completed only a year after he passed on. George and Martha Washington never had children of their own although the first POTUS was known to be extremely fond of kids. Not only was George Washington not buried at the U.S. Capitol (he stated that he had a desire to be buried in Mount Vernon, Virginia), he also did not work in The White House. There is, therefore, an empty crypt underneath the Capitol Building which was where Washington was supposed to be buried.

It is harder to tour The White House because it continues to be an important legislative workplace; it’s far easier and just as interesting to take a tour around the beautiful riverside manor estate of Mount Vernon. The tour will give you a very clear insight into the mind of one of the greatest man known to American politics and governance. Take a languid walk around the garden while marveling at the agricultural innovation that was beyond its time, learn about the iconic mansion, outbuildings, tomb, farm and its working blacksmith shop. The tour can easily take up to the whole day if the attraction isn’t packed. It’s a wonderful way to open your mind up to the world of Washington through exhibits which include 700 artifacts, documents, pictures and immerse exhibits.

Abraham Lincoln, in the meantime, although technically stayed at The White House, took refuge at the current-day Lincoln’s Cottage to take a break from work. Lincoln’s cottage has a Visitors Center that is open from 9.30am - 4.30pm and Sunday from 10.30am - 4.30pm and it’s always memorable and fun to explore the grounds without being rushed through. It's akin to stepping back in time.

The White House is a property owned by the National Park Service and is a part of the President’s Park; it was ranked the 2nd favorite America’s Architecture as listed by the American Institute of Architects. Hence, touring the White House requires some advanced planning. Your group needs to submit a request to a member of Congress and it needs to be done at least 3 months in advance. If you’re an International traveler, get in touch with your home country’s embassy in Washington D.C. to get permission to tour the iconic home.

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